Who We Are

Life Transitions Network is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization. The organization was founded by people who had been on the staff of the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Center and people who had attended workshops utilizing the Externalization Process, a way of working with our emotions that was developed in the Kubler-Ross workshops.

All of us felt that this work had been vitally important for us and wanted to continue to offer it to those who could benefit after the Kubler-Ross center closed in 1995.

Board Members
Patricia DeMore, MFT
Jane Pannell, RN, ACRN
Jan Herzog, CCHH, MBRCP

Advisory Board
Nancy Jaicks Alexander
Martha Clark Scala, MFT
Amy Halio, MD

Executive Director
Roz Leiser, RN

Mission Statement

The Life Transitions Network offers education and emotional support services to people coping with the myriad of losses and life changes that we must all face.

Our services include one to three day residential workshops that focus compassionately on the traumas of loss, abuse, illness, dying and death with a combination of teachings, personal sharing, creative processes and deep emotional release work (Externalization Process).

We also provide training to professionals in the healing and psychotherapeutic fields in the Externalization Process.

The residential workshops are appropriate for both lay and professional participants. They are staffed by psychotherapeutic, medical and spiritual experts who bring rich experience to working with loss, grief, abuse and trauma.