Personal Testimonials

“The uniqueness of the environment created camaraderie and community. Being witnessed and witnessing others built trust. The authenticity of the facilitators evoked permission to go to my deepest feelings. It was clear from their faces and body language that they were completely present with me. I was able to go to some very core parts of myself that I hadn’t been able to get to before – like the depths of my anger at having cancer. I knew it was safe, that I would be taken care of, and was able to release energy I was holding back that I wasn’t able to do anywhere else.” — Mary Isham, RN San Francisco, CA

“Your amazing weekend opened a door to my feelings that was shut so tightly for many years, I didn’t even know it! My pain and my feelings were so blocked that I didn’t shed a single tear for decades… not even at the funeral of my dear Dad. Today, crying is an easy and healthy release. Since that powerful weekend, an opening exists that is letting tears, joy, anger and deep feeling move into a once-hollow life. My life has opened to joy and a depth of feeling I never before knew. I look forward to further Externalization workshops under your kind and warm care.” — Roger Rose, San Francisco CA

“I used to cry all the time. I lived in FEAR. This work has made it possible for me to live in the here and now. After years of suffering with memories of incest, and ritualistic abuse, I finally found a safe place to unlock the door to healing. This was much more effective than years of therapy. I have finally begun to really heal, and don’t carry all the grief of my childhood into my daily adult life now. What freedom! Honestly, the most incredible thing I have ever experienced in healing for myself. THANK YOU STAFF AT LIFE TRANSITIONS! YOU ARE ALL INCREDIBLE!” — Sarah, San Luis Obispo, CA

“There is deep healing in these workshops, the kind that can only come from groups of people, sharing their deepest pain, not playing it safe, not skirting around the edges, not talking about it, but experiencing it in the deepest place, sharing it with others, and receiving compassion.” — DB, Ohio

“The externalization workshops have helped me get to the bottom of grief resulting from my mother’s early death, grief resulting from an unhappy childhood, anger that my formative years weren’t stable and rewarding and most importantly the renewal with my inner self and soul that I thought I had lost because of all the hurt and pain.” — EZ, Nashville, TN

“I feared that if I ever really got mad, I would go mad. I didn’t. I unloaded years of stored grief, tears, rage, frustration and heartache at many workshops. I am in my body and making healthy decisions for the first time in my life. Love it.” — Lynne Launius, San Luis Obispo, CA

“Your workshop has made me have a new life that I would never have had … I will go back for another week-end as soon as I can … The amazing thing is that I never drove on the freeway, much less a bridge, until your workshop. It was the best thing that I have ever done for myself. Thank you.” — Jane Porter

“Something incredible happened to me in that large room with all of your team, and the awesome people I got to share the experience with. I will definitely be going again. Anyone I know who has attended has had these same feelings. I can’t think of anyone that couldn’t benefit from this; I am especially grateful to have had a safe, nurturing place (which was the absolute BEST) for healing.” — Stephanie

“At 58 years old I finally felt what it was like to nurture myself.” — Paul Oechsle

“When I began attending Externalization workshops in 1992, even with counseling, I was suffering from exhaustion, anxiety attacks, depression, and I was also a police officer carrying a gun. There were many options to choose from, not all were positive … Once the proverbial door began to open there was no going back and with each successive workshop I grew emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually stronger. I know that I am living “proof” that these workshops work! Thank you Life Transitions Network for your dedication to continue on with this wonderful, life saving work.” — Leslie

Professional Testimonials

“The Moving Through Loss and Transition workshops are a powerful therapeutic adjunct for my clients. The workshop offers a safe group experience where one can access deep emotions and express them in a way that just isn’t possible in the fifty minute session. I highly recommend the workshops to work through any issue.” — Roberta Gelt, MFT

“This workshop offers clients an opportunity — in a safe, protective, space — to go deeper into their feelings and then release them. Accessing powerful feelings in a setting that is far removed from everyday pressures, in the presence of others who witness and support you, provides an extremely positive experience that cannot be duplicated in a one-on-one session between therapist and client. One weekend away at a workshop can accelerate the one-hour-a-week process of psychotherapy dramatically. I recommend it to almost all of my clients … and they always thank me afterward!” — Martha Clark Scala, MFT

“There are times in our professional work that I think we all come to a place when we realize that someone we work with needs something that we can’t provide in a therapeutic hour or in our clinical office. There is a resource I want to recommend to everyone for that person you work with who has anger issues or emotional blocks that you can see is locked in the individuals physiology which is preventing them to make progress. Folks who have issues of any type of abuse, or people with pervasive shame issues would be perfect subjects for what I am going to recommend. Also people dealing with traumatic grief or loss would also be appropriate.

My recommendation is a three day weekend workshop offered by Life Transitions Network. It is an experiential workshop based on the work of Elizabeth Kubler Ross. I would be happy to answer any questions, or feel free to contact Roz Leiser 415-263-4822. I have worked with her for probably a decade, and she is great about getting releases from patients and giving therapist feedback on what transpired for the people you send from your practice. Just in case there is any concern, I have no direct connection with this organization, other than great respect for the way they touch people’s lives.

I am compelled to make this recommendation at this time because I have a young client I have worked with for about a year who was both verbally and physically abused and neglected by a parent with a personality disorder. He appeared as a very withdrawn A student with substance abuse issues in reaction to his life. Post the transitions workshop this young man is far more hopeful about his future and has shifted to a proactive approach in his life. The workshop allowed him to viscerally release emotions that have been blocking him for a decade and reconnect with his core being. Our work together has taken a quantum leap as a result of his attending this workshop. Please do your own due diligence on this workshop and consider it as an adjunct for your practice.” — Paul Lewis, MFT