Loss & Transition Workshops

Moving Through Loss & Transition

The Moving Through Loss and Transition workshop provides a safe place to share your story, fully experience your feelings and learn new approaches to coping with losses and obstacles of all kinds.

As children, many of us learn that it is not safe to express our emotions when we experience trauma or loss. Instead we channel our pain into depression, anxiety, addictions, numbness or other ways of coping without being aware of what we feel. Our unfinished business prevents us from living and dying fully, from our hearts.

This workshop offers a non-judgemental environment where you can safely express bottled up emotions. By working through feelings we have been unable to express we can begin to heal ourselves as well as improve our ability to listen, empathize and care for others. As we develop more compassion for ourselves and others we become more deeply connected to our inner wisdom and spirit.

The knowledge, tools and experience of the workshop can help us to live more fully, effectively and compassionately.

Workshop Objectives

  • Identify and begin to work through blocks to healthy personal growth and balance
  • Understand how to create the emotional safety needed to express suppressed emotions
  • Differentiate between natural and distorted emotional expression
  • Describe stages and expressions of the grieving process
  • Recognize the use of symbolic language to express emotional and physical concerns
  • Identify compassionate behaviors for giving care to others without being overwhelmed

Workshop Methods

  • Teaching
  • Creative processes
  • Small group discussion
  • Experiential work utilizing the Externalization Process

Workshop Schedule & Information

People with bipolar or dissociative disorders should carefully evaluate whether this workshop is appropriate for them. The workshop is not recommended for those diagnosed with psychotic disorders or those who are currently abusing alcohol or drugs.

The workshop site is wheelchair accessible.