Perfect Circle Fund

Often in life there are people who influence and sustain us. LTN has established the “Perfect Circle Fund” to honor those significant people. When you make a donation to this fund in celebration, or in memory of someone close to you, you may have their names recognized at the workshops and/or on our website.

All donations are tax deductible.

You may also donate by mailing a check to:

Life Transitions Network
PO Box 31579
San Francisco CA 94131

Donations to the Perfect Circle Fund

Donor… In Honor Of…
Jennifer Town & Roslyn Lindeman,
Maria Spitaels,
Gregory Zografos,
Victor Neuman,
Shela Norman,
Donald Arthur & Mary Chaffee,
Marshall & Georgeann Cusic,
Jonathan Foley,
David & Vicki Lane,
Mark Turner & Sybil Tasker,
Michelle Howard,
Lloyd Williams,
Bill & Wendi Casey,
Bud & Barbara Wood,
Phip Pearigen,
Forest & Michele Faison,
Elizabeth & Jack Niemeyer,
Wendy Lustbader,
Helen Darling,
Michael O’Bar,
Rhoda Schulzinger &
Rochelle Granat,
Maureen & Brian Fennerty,
Marge & John Class,
The Rahall Family,
Virginia McDaniel Masterson,
Ceci Connolly,
Joseph Kahn
 Bob Hunter
Filippo Adamo Francesco Adamo
Nancy Jaicks Alexander Kathryn Agar Jaicks
Nancy Jaicks Alexander Margaret Wentworth Owings
Cathie Beck Peter Beck
Cathie Beck Mary Deger Seevers
Donna Brosnan David Mullins
Burke Burgin Roz Leiser
Burke Burgin Dorothy Sunday and Elizabeth Esterly
Burke Burgin Liz Esterly
Nancy Burke and Judith Weatherly Ken Peterson
Millie Cross Brett Cross
Laura Finkler Liz Esterly
Laura Finkler Etta Finkler
Meredith Florian All Healthcare Workers
Meredith Florian Lee Guion
Meredith Florian Merry Luskin
Meredith Florian Marriage Equality
Meredith Florian Mary Carter Guion
Meredith Florian Dr. Robert Scott
Roberta Gelt Nancy Jaicks Alexander
Roberta Gelt Patricia DeMore
Roberta Gelt Sylvia Gelt
Roberta Gelt Jane Harkaway
Roberta Gelt Roz Leiser
Roberta Gelt Maggie Pells
Loduska Dean Guion Mary Carter Guion
Mo Hainer Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
Jerry Kurtz Bernie Gulker
Jerry Kurtz Grace Wong Kurtz
Sandi Lacey Judie MacDonald
Sandi Lacey Mike Tipton
Steve Lew Mary Carter Guion
Steve Lew Roz
LTN Board Liz Esterly
LTN Board David Mullins
Merry Luskin and Meredith Florian Roz Leiser
Linda Macias Liz Esterly
Nancy Mullins David Mullins
Richard Purcell Jane Pannell
Andy Reed Phillip H. Wells, MD, Patricia Powers, MSW
Martha Clark Scala Geoffrey Clark
Martha Clark Scala Margo Clark Potheau
Martha Clark Scala Nicholas Clark
Martha Clark Scala Martha Shurtleff Clark
Martha Clark Scala Joanne
Martha Clark Scala Jody Miser
Martha Clark Scala Carolyn Siclovan Murphy
Martha Clark Scala Bandit, Sammie, Nico, Cody and Maggie
Peter Selwyn Josefine Leiser
Dorothy Sunday Liz Esterly
Linda Thompson Elizabeth Esterly, Dorothy Sunday
Larry Walter Liz Esterly
Kam Yuen Wong Amy Halio
Erin Zhurkin Betty Lou Sells Thornton

Life Transitions Network is a 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation. We are committed to making our workshops accessible to anyone who can benefit, regardless of their ability to pay. We have kept our fees as low as we can but still provide scholarships to every workshop. If you are able to support our work, please send your donation made out to:

Life Transitions Network (LTN)
P.O. Box 31579
San Francisco, CA 94131-0579